These days, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of ranking in search engine results. The consumer journey begins with a quick Google search and ends with a listing on the first page of its results. If you’re not on Google’s first page for relevant searches, you’re basically invisible.

Search engine rankings are especially valuable in touristy cities like Chattanooga. Google is constantly receiving searches from people who are planning their first trips.

When their trip is over, they go back home and tell friends about their experiences. Are you included in those conversations? Did they even find you to begin with?

This is why it’s important to rank not only within your industry, but also in the context of the local area. If your website isn’t ranking in search engines, you’re missing out on new customers and probably don’t even realize it. In this post, we’ll discuss a few factors and strategies when improving your Chattanooga SEO performance.

Chattanooga’s Nicknames and SEO

Scenic City, Chatt, ChattTown, Nooga – our city goes by many names. Search engines pick up on this kind of thing. If you’re using a few of these nicknames in the proper context on your website, it gives another small nudge in the right direction. It shows that you’re immersed in the local culture. It also gives the same idea to potential customers.

Of course, you want to use these nicknames within reason. If you stuff them all over your website in hopes of ranking better, it’ll probably have the opposite effect. If you use them naturally in a way that accurately reflects your business and connects with visitors, you’re in good shape. Also, don’t feel pressured to use every nickname.

Chattanooga Area Attractions

Does your business offer a view of Lookout Mountain? Or the Tennessee River? Like we said, search engines love to see context when ranking websites. If you can tie your business into any of the many things that make Chattanooga unique, incorporate that into your marketing efforts!

This can help increase your business’s relevance to the local area in the eyes of search engines, which can improve rankings. Even better, it will also help tourists find your business when planning their trips to Chattanooga.

If you can associate your business with the local scenery and attractions, you’ve already found a unique way to set it apart from competitors. And it doesn’t have to be extravagant; it can be as simple as a window offering a view of the sun setting over Lookout Mountain. That would make a great picture for your Google Business Profile!

Taking Advantage of Chattanooga’s Associations

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

If you’re a member of the Chattanooga chamber of commerce, check if they have a listing on their website for your business – and if it links back to your website. When a website links back to yours, we call that a backlink. Quality backlinks are one of the two most important ranking factors for Google. A link from the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce are one of the most valuable backlinks local businesses can get.

The Chattanooga Chamber’s backlinks are part of the listings in the business directory. If your business is there but your website is not, give them a call right away. Also, ensure that your listing includes accurate keywords relating to what your business does.

Chattanooga Small Business Connect

Networking is a powerful tool for small businesses, and one local association makes it easy. Chattanooga Small Business Connect (CSBN) focuses on both B2B and B2C networking. They regularly host networking events in which small business owners are encouraged to connect. They also have a website with a business directory, similar to the chamber of commerce. This is a great way to get another valuable backlink to your website and network with others.

Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a vital component to ranking locally. This is, essentially, how you submit your business’s most pertinent information to Google so that it can display your content to a relevant audience. The more relevant your content, the more likely you are to connect with both audiences and search engines.

When your Google Business profile shows up in search results, it quickly displays basic demographics, photos, and your latest posts. The more posts you publish, the more complete your brand’s story will be to potential customers. These posts might be a small ranking factor, but they are still a piece of the overall SEO puzzle.