The social and outdoor scenes in Chattanooga blend together in a beautiful and unique way. The result: a city ripe for exposure on social media. Networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are full of travelers eager to visit our city. And we can help you build an integrated marketing plan that will equip your business to reach the most relevant audience among them.

An integrated approach to social media marketing may include:

  • Product images that pop on Instagram and tell stories on Facebook
  • Selfies of friends gathered around an outdoor dining table at your restaurant with Lookout Mountain stretching behind them
  • Resharing customer YouTube and TikTok videos of your rental gear chugging along the Tennessee River Walk – or in the river itself
  • Blog posts written about a unique aspect of your business, then summarized as a YouTube video

You might be thinking “that sounds great, but we just don’t have time for it.” That’s where we come in! Let us build an integrated marketing plan to make your business known in Chattanooga and beyond. We draw them in, you show them why they should stay. Offer them an experience that’s unforgettable, one they’ll happily share with others. That’s the heart of Scenic City.

How it Works

Send us everything – your pictures, videos, events, blog posts, stories, use cases, and any other relevant content you want to share. We’ll touch it up and share it across each of your platforms. We’ll also share content from your website. We’ll also keep an eye out for content shared by your customers that would make a great post on your profile.

Even better, we can repurpose your existing content to extend your engagement. For example, photos can be used to create a slide show video, then uploaded to YouTube. Here’s a quick example of what that looks like.

Social Media Graphics Draw Attention

The copy in your post gives them a reason to learn more.