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WordPress is the Leader in Website Creation  

Behind much of the growth in website ownership and ongoing web innovation is WordPress, which has long played a major role as an open source, content management system (CMS). It now sits atop its respective market as the best way to empower all digital creators with a wide array of tools and options for functionality.

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has grown from a simple, HTML-based platform that was first popular among bloggers to become the dominant type of site on the internet, and the most popular way to build websites around the world.

WordPress is currently used by more than 40% of all websites and more than 35% of the top 10,000 most popular sites in the world by traffic. At 64.9%, its market share is far greater than all of its competitors combined.

Throughout the pandemic, WordPress has served as a driving force, fueling a massive ecosystem of makers, builders, and entrepreneurs across every generation, and helping them rise higher by allowing them to meet the inherent challenges of evolving technology head-on.

One key factor behind WordPress’ monumental rise is the flexibility and true site ownership it provides, which is a stark contrast from closed, proprietary platforms. Because it’s built with open source code, WordPress is highly integratable, and users can freely build upon its core software.

This is an attribute that not only resonates with younger generations; it speaks to older age groups as well. Ease of use, cost-savings, and a low barrier to entry are all attractive characteristics that each generation values, even if they come to it based on different requirements and perspectives.

With a vibrant community that’s grown around it, WordPress also inspires a deeper personal connection than many of its closed, proprietary counterparts. Beyond the thousands of developers and engineers who have contributed to WordPress Core over the years, the larger WordPress community comprises a diverse group of web professionals, business owners, and educators (to name a few), and the wide contingent of theme and plugin authors who have all fostered an incredible ecosystem that supports WordPress sites.

WordPress has proven to be the best tool to build and develop amazing websites for our clients.

We have many years of WordPress experience and use the fastest and most reliable servers specifically optimized for WordPress websites.

Digital channels have served as a critical lifeline throughout the pandemic, fueling a collective global response filled with themes of resilience and renewal.

As this online migration has played out, people across every generation have relied on digital channels for new ways to respond to the pandemic, and in many cases, bounce back from its initial shock.

With these widespread shifts as a backdrop, “Generational Resilience,” the fourth annual study commissioned by WP Engine and conducted by The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK), examines new and prevailing expectations for digital held by different generations of web users.

The report was crafted with marketers, strategists, and business leaders across every industry in mind, and offers key insights into the identifying behaviors and preferences of all generations, playing out in today’s digital landscape.

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